Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) created a philosophy of exercise and lifestyle that he called Contrology, meaning the science of control, but we now refer to it by his last name, Pilates (Puh-La-teez). Contrology was just too much of a mouthful!

Initially embraced by the dance community as a way to effectively manage and prevent injury, Pilates has made its way into the worlds of rehabilitation and fitness which is to say, the world here at Synergy Studio.

When most people are asked “What is Pilates?” they will say that it strengthens the core but Pilates actually strengthens your entire body. The exercises in the Pilates repertoire work to create balanced strength and flexibility around all joints of the body, even the small ones between each vertebra of the spine.

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Benefits of Pilates

  • Pilates teaches the body to use the right amount of force at the right time to to perform your favorite activities in the most efficient way possible.
  • Pilates stretches your body in a dynamic way during the movements resulting in long, strong muscles. These long, strong muscles are able to decelerate forces on the joints thereby preventing injury.
  • Balanced strength and flexibility around joints result in less stress on the joint. Many diagnoses from arthritis to degenerative disc disease benefit from the decreased compression on the joint that can be achieved when the body is strengthened in a balanced way.
  • The nervous system is trained just as much as the muscles in Pilates. If the nervous system is not challenged it can get lazy and allow compensations to creep in. Pilates emphasizes precise and coordinated movements which enhances the communication between your brain and your muscles, the nervous system can’t get lazy in a Pilates workout!
All of these elements combine to increase your energy, improve balance, improve coordination, and bring “spontaneous zest and pleasure”* to all of your activities.
*Quote from Joseph Hubertus Pilates


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