Oov® & Konnector

About the Oov®

Functional movement is a balance between strength and control. Training of motor control has been shown to reduce injury, pain, and improve performance.

The Oov creates a 3D environment, allowing the body to move in 3 planes, facilitating motor learning.

The Oov has been designed to mimic the movement of the spine. All 3 curves of the spine are supported (unlike any other device you lie on!! We can’t believe no one has thought of this before).

Lying on the Oov axially elongates the spine, and the pelvis is up off the ground and free to move in all 3 planes – meaning you also have to control the pelvis in all 3 planes.

The head is lower than the hips, inhibiting the use of your accessory respiratory muscles to breathe, thereby promoting diaphragmatic breathing. Research shows that breathing from our accessory muscles up-regulates the fight or flight response, but breathing from the diaphragm helps calm the nervous system down. The diaphragm is also part of the core and needs to be integrated into core training exercises.

The Oov is dynamic due to the proprietary material, and is soft and flexible, but only to a point, where the foam starts to push back.

The design and material work together to create a device where you have to find balance, use your core to control your trunk, and learn how to move one part of your body without moving another.

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The Science Behind Konnector


Proprioception is the sensory system that tells us where our body is in space and how it is moving. Konnector provides excellent proprioceptive feedback because with all four limbs connected, it is easy to feel how movement in one limb affects the other limbs. When proprioception is enhanced, the ability to sense and correct imbalances is improved. Because all four limbs can move independently but remain connected through one rope, the Konnector replicates the architecture of the human body by stimulating the connections between the upper and lower body, between the right and left sides of the body and between one arm and the opposite leg. These connections mimic the neuromyofascial chains within the body and create an effective training environment for functional movement. This is the heart of the Konnector method and the reason why it increases the effectiveness of a Reformer workout.

Why The Konnector?

• Enhances proprioception leads to increased awareness of imbalances & asymmetries.
• The interconnection of all 4 limbs creates true integration of the limbs and the trunk by reflecting the fascial connections in the body.

• Creates an environment that easily replicates functional movement patterns like reciprocal leg motion and rotation.
• Expands the potential of the Reformer to improve movement patterns effectively and efficiently.

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