About Our Founder

Lynn Peterson

Lynn Peterson, PT, DPT, NCPT graduated with her first PT degree in 1997 from University of North Florida and with her transitional Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree in 2016 from University of South Florida.

A background in gymnastics and Highland Dancing throughout her youth lead her to instantly embrace the teachings of Joseph Pilates and recognize the therapeutic benefits of the work once she became a PT and began practicing in an outpatient setting. The blending of PT and Pilates began after completing the rigorous testing upon completion of the Polestar Pilates Education Rehabilitation Pilates training in 1999.

Lynn was asked to be an Educator for Polestar Pilates Education, LLC. in 2009 and has continued to be active in this area teaching the Comprehensive Series for both rehabilitation and studio teachers. Lynn’s most recent honor was to be asked to be an Educator for Oov Fundamentals courses (see oov.com.au or ooveducation.com).

Lynn has been an active member of the American Physical Therapy Association since 1995 and an active member of the Pilates Method Alliance since it was founded in 2001.


Lynn became a licensed physical therapist in 1997, a certified Pilates practitioner in 2000, and an Educator with Polestar Pilates Education in 2009.  

Lynn graduated from the Doctor of Physical Therapy program
at USF in 2016

Lynn’s continuing education resume includes:

  • Certified Kienesio Taping Professional
  • John Barnes Myofascial Release
  • Jones Strain-CounterStrain
  • Ola Grimsby Manual Therapy
  • Polestar Pilates Advanced Teacher Training
  • Regular Attendee at PMA and APTA Professional Conferences.

Lynn’s philosophy toward learning is: one should never stop learning, never stop trying to improve as there is much more out there to master than a lifetime can accomodate. It is a privelege to have the resources to continue to pursue personal growth, so make the best of what you have!